Russ's  Painting, llc is into making your old house come to life again.  Russ loves to add pops of color and apply edgy twists to historic color pallets.  After all, we are just stewards of these houses.



Preparations is EVERYTHING.  The exterior must be clean, free of loose paint, free of rotten wood or rusty metal, primed caulked and 2 coats of paint.



  • House

  • Garage doors ​​​​

  • Stucco​

  • Wood siding

  • Metal roofs

  • Steel buildings



Russ's Painting llc might cost a bit more but remember a couple of things.  

1. Can you afford to have your house stripped because it was not prepped or prepped properly.  

2. Two coats of paint will last longed than 1 coat which will save you money in the long run 1 coat of paint lasts about 5 years

3. Washing your house will help make the paint job last longer and make it look fresher